A Programming Note


Hi – Whitlock half of ‘Whitlock & Pope’ here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a little ditty about how life got in the way and how I’m trying to get back into the action.

Pope and I started this in January 2014 after a few years of friendship, a couple of cross-pond trips (I’m the New Yorker, Pope is the Londoner) and several million movie quotes and offhand reviews passed between the two of us. And, like most friend interests, our film tastes form a Venn Diagram in which we both agreed on fundamental ideas of film (Michael Bay is a hack), while each having our separate pools of knowledge (Pope can lead you into the deep end of independent film, and I like to archive of Classic Hollywood films in my head). Based on our combined scope of knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of film, our goal was to put our thoughts and questions out there to be active voices in a community of film nerds and aficionados.

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