The Whitlock and Pope 2014 Movie Anticipation Countdown: Bubbling Under

Two weeks into January, it’s time to talk about what’s exciting us for 2014: the blockbusters, franchise sequels, arthouse gems, franchise sequels, auteur masterpieces, stories of mystery and wonder and franchise sequels that we’ve got our eyes on.

We’ve got a top 25 on the way, but first up here are the movies that didn’t quite make it. The ones we didn’t quite agree on, don’t think are going to quite work, or don’t know quite enough about just yet. We’re also leaving out Under The Skin, Only Lovers Left Alive and We Are The Best! as thanks to last year’s LFF we covered them in our best of 2013 list.

So without further caveats, in the traditional parlance of the ranked list these are the wildcards that together we refer to as…
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