Trailer: Frank

I remember Frank Sidebottom from the glory days of the early 90s alt-comedy scene, the same demented dimension that produced Vic & Bob, Uncle Charlie, and of course Mr Methane. With his paper mâché head, keyboard noodling and tales of suburban Manchester he was like a gateway into a wonderful yet vaguely unsettling dream. It was a magical time.

20140306-230404.jpgThe actual real Frank, circa actual early 90’s.

Frank was of course like no-one else, and his passing leaves a hole in the cultural landscape that can’t ever be filled. At least we have the memories, and now at last a biopic movie.

Michael Fassbender as Frank Sidebottom:

From a design standpoint I prefer the real Frank’s eyes, but nonetheless I’m definitely going to see this. Opening week. MAGIC!


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