London Film Festival 2016

Here’s what I’m seeing / have seen at the LFF this year, and what I made of it. Updates will come as the festival progresses!

  1. The Bacchus Lady (B-)
  2. Into the Forest (C-)
  3. After the Storm (C)
  4. Black Mirror S3: Nosedive (B-)
  5. Black Mirror S3: San Junipero (B)
  6. Black Mirror S3: Shut Up and Dance (B)
  7. King Cobra (B)
  8. La La Land (A-)
  9. American Honey (B-)
  10. The Handmaiden (A)
  11. Toni Erdmann (C)
  12. Sully (Surprise Film) (C-)
  13. Manchester By The Sea (A-)
  14. Certain Women (B-)
  15. David Lynch: The Art Life (B)
  16. Voyage of Time (Full length version) (C+)
  17. Bleed For This (B-)
  18. Christine (B+)
  19. Personal Shopper (C+)
  20. Paterson (B+)
  21. Elle (B)
  22. The Last Days of the City (D)
  23. Birth of a Nation (B-)
  24. The Graduation (A-)
  25. Kate Plays Christine (B+)
  26. Lion (B)
  27. The Day Will Come (B)
  28. Brimstone (B)
  29. Autopsy of Jane Doe (C+)
  30. Lo and Behold (B)
  31. City of Tiny Lights (C+)
  32. Nocturnal Animals (A-)
  33. Neruda (B)
  34. Have You Seen My Movie (C-)
  35. Nocturama (A)
  36. Prevenge (B+)
  37. The Void (C)
  38. Free Fire (B-)

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