Review: Zombi Child

It’s always a good omen when Kate Taylor introduces a movie. My most anticipated film of the London Film Festival  did not disappoint: Zombi Child is a sly, provocative, troubling postcolonial satire. This is a stunning film, showcasing Bonello’s instincts for juxtapositions & endings, refuses to force meaning on the audience.

Zombi Child, alongside Nocturama and Sarah Winchester, shows Bonello to be one of the best directors we have: he succeeds in that highest of cinematic aspirations – projecting the enigmatic depths of the subconscious out onto the (nominally) real, in order to see both more clearly.

This film sits on the edge of a truly strange abyss. I loved it.

Update: Zombi Child is now available as part of the MUBI online library.


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