Review: The Invisible Man

This new Invisible Man is out of sight!


Yes, I’m pleased to say that Leigh Whannell’s version of The Invisible Man is hands down the best version of this story to date. Move over Claude Raines, step aside Chevy Chase and John Carpenter, Leigh Whannell and Elizabeth Moss are here to show you how it’s done.

This re-imagining of the classic tale widely shifts the perspective from the Man himself to his key victim – his wife. Smartly turning the tale into a parable of gaslighting, toxicity and abuse, Whannell has crafted something incredibly anxiety-inducing, in the best possible way.

Trivia Quiz-THE INVISIBLE MAN-title-small

We can’t give away all the twists and turns, but there’s one scene in particular, in a restaurant, that immediately goes into the shock horror all-timer list. Masterfully realised.

This is the best jump-scare movie I’ve seen in over a year, so if you’re looking for heart-in mouth suspense this year, The Invisible Man is for you. Look for him in a cinema near you! So to speak.

Update: due to COVID, The Invisible Man is now available on VOD in the US and UK.

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