Review: Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway


If you love the the more deranged end of Philip K Dick, and you’re not afraid to get ultra-low budget and gloriously bonkers, then for god’s sake watch this movie. A molotov cocktail of exploitation tropes, pop culture references, cheap motel rooms, drugs, abandoned warehouses and cold-war espionage, there is truly nothing quite like Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway outside of, say, VALIS.

This is like someone sent a bunch of William Gibson novels back in time, and an extremely strung out PKD tried to make sense of them. The hero is a lovelorn spy with dwarfism and a spinal disfigurement. He faces off against some kind of cackling Nollywood Batman rip-off inside a virtual reality. Features kickboxing, Stalin, a computer virus called The Soviet Union, doppelgänger AIs of dead people, and a cutout Richard Pryor mask.


Utterly insane, and wholeheartedly recommended. Plus the screech of the ZX Spectrum loading sounds over the credits caused my cats to freak out. A+ cat confusion.

Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway is available on VOD now, on the Arrow Video Channel

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