Review: Come True

In Anthony Scott Burns’s excellent dream horror Come True, high-school runaway Sara is desperate for a place to stay when she chances upon a university sleep study that offers a bed for the night. But the study seems increasingly mysterious, and may be making Sarah’s pre-existing nightmares even worse. As reality seems to tumble away, something dark is unleashed.

Come True has beautiful bisexual lighting, an amazing synth sound track by Burns himself (under his pseudonym, PilotPriest) and a very good lead performance indeed by Julia Sarah Stone.

The ideas don’t always quite gel, but they are fun ideas, and never entirely predictable. Though Come True’s plot strands don’t get fully developed, isn’t that often true of dreams? I am also quite tickled to see how the ending seems to be annoying so many people – I loved it.

In short, this oozy, dreamy slow burn of a horror has vibes for days, and riffs beautifully on early Cronenberg, the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and the aesthetic delights of certain recent horrors such as Beyond The Black Rainbow. Recommended!

Come True is available on VOD now in the US and UK

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