Bodies, Bodies, Bodies – Sundance London review

Sundance London scored quite a catch with their surprise movie this year. Everyone was trying to guess it from the list of films that had played in Utah earlier in the year, but no-one got it right, because the surprise movie was… something that had played at SXSW in the US! Yes, in only its second ever public screening, the surprise film was Halina Raijn’s Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. And what a joy it was!

In this slashy spin on classic whodunnits, particularly And Then There Were None, a group of well-heeled Gen-Z poseurs gather for a hurricane-watching party at daddy’s summer house. But despite their impeccable politics, they soon turn on each other once the bodies start hitting the floor. Dutch director Reijn casts a wry outsider’s eye on the combative social etiquette of liberal American youth. Plus, it contains a timely reminder that making a podcast takes A LOT OF EFFORT!! You have to invite guests and make a GOOGLE CALENDAR!!

The cast as a whole is superb – everyone from Pete Davidson to Lee Pace brings their comedy/terror -game. But the highlight has to be Rachel Sennott. Sennott nation rise up, because she emerges as the biggest star of this illustrious ensemble of mostly up-and-comers (the already up-and-came Pace excepted).

The best non-supernatural slasher I’ve seen this century (not kidding) and my favourite horror of the year so far. Be sure to check out Bodies Bodies Bodies when it goes on wide release later this summer.

Trailer below:

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