2023 Golden Claw Horror Awards – winners revealed (video)

Today saw the UK & Ireland Horror Critics’ Group announce the winners of their inaugural Golden Claw Awards, and it was a big night for Jordan Peele’s Nope, which walked away with three trophies – for Best Direction, Best Looking, and Best Visual Effects. Nope also scored a second place finish in the coveted “Best Horror Film With a Cinema Release” category.

The winner of that prize was Zach Cregger’s huge crowd-pleaser Barbarian, which also picked up a Best Supporting Actor nod for Justin Long.

Other notable winners included two awards apiece for Hypochondriac (Best Film On The Festival Circuit, and Best Screenplay), and The Harbinger (Most Atmospheric Horror Film, and Scariest Horror Film).

Best Lead Performance went to Mia Goth for X (the sequel, Pearl, having not been released in the UK until 2023, and thus not eligable).

Best UK Or Irish Horror Film was an exact tie between Alex Garland’s Men and Kate Dolan’s You Are Not My Mother.

Soho Horror Film Festival Festival director Mitch Harrod picked up two awards, one for best UK or Irish Film Festival and also the DIE DIE DIE award which is award by a jury for outstanding contribution to Diversity Inclusion and Equity.

The UK & Ireland Horror Critics’ Group was launched in 2022 by Andrew Pope of this site, WhitlockAndPope.com, Zoe Rose Smith of Ghouls Magazine, and Tim Coleman of Moving Pictures Film Club.

Speaking after the Awards were announced, UK & Ireland Horror Critics’ Group co-chair Andrew Pope said: “I know that people took their ballots incredibly seriously, with their passion really shining through. So many arguments! This is an exciting time for horror movies, and that showed in all the nominees – and all those wonderful horror films that almost but didn’t quite get nominated. But when the smoke cleared, we could see the winners were truly deserving of a coveted Golden Claw.

The UK & Ireland Horror Critics Group is committed to celebrating the UK and Irish horror scene, so I’m particularly proud to see the strength in that category – and the fact that this award was a dead heat means that we’re able to celebrate not one but two films in Men and You Are Not My Mother! One British and one Irish – we couldn’t have wished for a better outcome to kick off The Golden Claws.

I’m also delighted that the Group’s Committee chose Mitch Harrod as the recipient of the inaugural DIE DIE DIE award for championing Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in horror – Mitch’s work in building up the Soho Horror Film Festival has provided the UK with a beacon of light in what’s sometimes a dark world, and when he parlayed that into launching its virtual cousin, the Sohome Horror Fest, during lockdown he provided a much-needed lifeline to those of us trapped indoors who needed to feel connected to the horror film community. Sohome Horror Fest is now the world’s largest online LGBTQ+ horror film celebration, and has a well-deserved reputation for championing the kinds of offbeat, foreign-language, transgressive or queer stories that other festivals aren’t sure how to handle. Mitch is truly a leader in the horror film festival scene.”

Tim says: “”It’s such an honour to be involved in the Golden Claw Awards. Right now we’re living through an incredible time for horror cinema, so it’s wonderful being able to celebrate  the incredible films being made in a genre which means so much to us all””

Zoe says: “I’m incredibly excited about the Golden Claw Awards because there is just so much phenomenal horror out there right now.”

The announcement video is below, and you can scroll down for the full list of awards!

The full list of categories, nominees, runners up and winners in the Golden Claw Awards 2023

Best Film (UK or Ireland Cinema Release)

Winner: Barbarian

Runner Up: Nope

Also nominated: Bodies Bodies Bodies, Bones and All, X

Best Film (Streaming Release)

Winner: Deadstream

Runner Up: We’re All Going To The World’s Fair

Also nominated: Dashcam, Mad God, Sissy, The Leech

Best Film (On the Festival Circuit)

Winner: Hypochondriac

Runner Up: The Harbinger

Also nominated: Huesera: The Bone Woman, New Religion, Next Exit

Best Film (Not in the English Language)

Winner: Piggy

Runner Up: The Innocents

Also nominated: Huesera: The Bone Woman, Incantation, New Religion

Best UK or Irish Horror Film

Joint Winner: Men

Joint Winner: You Are Not My Mother

Also nominated: A Banquet, All My Friends Hate Me, Lola

Best Documentary

Winner: Queer for Fear

Runner Up: The Found Footage Phenomenon

Also nominated: A Life on The Farm, Living with Chucky, Orchestrator of Storms

Best TV Show

Winner: Yellowjackets

Runner Up: Stranger Things

Also nominated: All of Us Are Dead, Archive 81, Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, What We Do In The Shadows

Best Lead Performance

Winner: Mia Goth – X

Runner Up: Amber Midthunder – Prey

Also nominated: Anna Cobb – We’re All Going To The World’s Fair, Georgina Campbell – Barbarian, Graham Skipper – The Leech, Keke Palmer – Nope, Laura Gálan – Piggy, Rahul Kohli – Next Exit, Taylor Russell – Bones and All, Zack Villa – Hypochondriac

Best Supporting Performance

Winner: Justin Long – Barbarian

Runner Up: Rachel Sennott – Bodies Bodies Bodies

Also nominated: Nicholas Hoult – The Menu, Rory Kinnear – Men, Bill Skarsgard – Barbarian, Brittany Snow – X, Kristen Stewart – Crimes of the Future, Melanie Stone – Deadstream & V/H/S/99, Mark Rylance – Bones and All, Steven Yeun – Nope

Best Direction

Winner: Jordan Peele – Nope

Runner Up: Zach Cregger – Barbarian

Also nominated: Kate Dolan – You Are Not My Mother, Keishi Kondo – New Religion, Ti West – X

Best Screenplay

Winner: Addison Heimann – Hypochondriac

Runner Up: Zach Cregger – Barbarian

Also nominated: Travis Stevens & Nathan Faudree – A Wounded Fawn, Kristen Roupenian & Sarah DeLappe – Bodies Bodies Bodies, Jordan Peele – Nope

Best Looking Film (Cinematography, production design, costumes, hair, makeup, lighting, etc.)

Winner: Nope

Runner Up: Mad God

Also nominated: Bones and All, Prey, X

Best Visual Effects

Winner: Nope

Runner Up: Fall

Also nominated: Deadstream, V/H/S/99, X

Best Score or Soundtrack

Winner: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Bones and All

Runner Up: VAAAL – A Wounded Fawn

Also nominated: Michael Abels – Nope, Sebastain Gainsborough & Robin Carolan – The Northman, Rich Vreeland – Bodies Bodies Bodies

Most Atmospheric Horror Film

Winner: The Harbinger

Runner Up: Barbarian

Also nominated: Crimes of the Future, Nope, X

Scariest Film

Winner: The Harbinger

Runner Up: Barbarian

Also nominated: Dashcam, Fall, You Are Not My Mother

Best Kill (exact details redacted due to SPOILERS!)

John Leguizamo in Violent Night

Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Also nominated: Justin Long in Barbarian, Steven Yeun and his cohort in Nope, and the nice couple in Speak No Evil

Breakthrough Star

Winner: Jenna Ortega

Runner Up: Amber Midthunder

Also nominated: Eric Pennycoff, Taylor Russell, Joseph & Vanessa Winter

Best UK & Ireland Horror Festival

Winner: Soho Horror Film Festival

Runner Up: Frightfest

Also nominated: Celluloid Screams, Grimmfest, Mayhem

Best Media Outlet

Winner: The Evolution of Horror

Runner Up: Ghouls Magazine

Also nominated: Fishnets and Philosophy, The Final Girls, What a Scream

DIE DIE DIE award – for Championing Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in Horror.

Awarded by decision of the UK & Ireland Horror Critics Group committee.

Winner: Mitch Harrod – Soho Horror Film Festival and Sohome Horror Fest

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