Spidey and X-Men and F4, Oh My: What’s Next for the MCU

This post is really just an excuse to post photos of Chris Evans.

I’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t seen at least one film in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (well, I know one person who has stalwartly refused to watch any of the movies, and even he uses the Captain America “I understood that reference” with ironic aplomb).

The Marvel Cinematic Universe — or MCU, a place where the women run in wedge boots and roundhouse kick in high heels — has become the Paul Lynde in the Hollywood Squares of pop culture since 2008, when Marvel Studios put out a movie about a second-tier-Silver Age-of-Comics industrialist playboy whose companies sells arms (in THAT recession, during THAT war).

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Top Eleven Films of 2013

These are the best new movies I saw in 2013… as determined by a mixture of UK release schedules and what I managed to see at the 2013 LFF.

Not yet seen: Before Midnight, The Selfish Giant, The Great Beauty, The Act of Killing, Blue Jasmine.

Narrowly missing out: Sightseers (which is excellent and would be in my top five, but I saw it last year), Captain Phillips (very good, sagged a little in the middle), and Cloud Atlas (which came out in the UK in 2013, but in the US in 2012. It feels like forever ago, though, so I left it off. Hugh Grant was never better than as a slimy Nuclear Power boss).


11. The Place Beyond the Pines

Epic family crime drama that plays out like it was conceived as three seasons of a TV show compressed down to 140 minutes. The earlier stuff is better, but it’s all good (some disliked the teen-centric ending, but I thought it worked). Ryan Gosling was all over the poster, but this was also yet another step in convincing me Bradley Cooper might actually be a decent actor. Plus: Ray Liotta, Dane DeHaan and (closest to my heart) Eva Mendes. The reason this is a top 11 rather than a top 10 is so I can find a place for Eva Mendes.

Due the presence of bikes, in the run up to this movie’s release I kept getting it confused with dire cycle-messenger thriller Premium Rush. To this day, my subconscious is absolutely convinced Premium Rush has Ryan Gosling in it.

Bonus photo featuring Eva Mendes:

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