The 25: Whitlock & Pope’s Most Anticipated Films of 2014 – #10-1

8. Gone Girl (October 3 US & UK)

gone girl

Based on the hit novel by Gillian Flynn, Ben Affleck plays a husband who is struggling to find out what happened to his wife (played by Rosamund Pike) in the midst of a media frenzy. Gone Girl’s conclusion has been a point of contention amongst readers (I won’t spoil it except to say it’s ambivalently (un)satisfying and twisted in a way that’ll make you want to immediately slap someone), but Flynn plans to surprise everyone with a newly written ending to this suspenseful story.

Affleck (one of my first Hollywood crushes) has paid his dues for Gigli and Daredevil by proving himself a decent auteur and producer, so I’m excited to see him getting to star in movies that he’s not directing himself. Affleck will get to show that he’s capable of B+ emoting, throwing out the kind of broody glances and mysterious shiftiness that he would display if he were asked to play, say, some kind of superhero who is broody and mysterious.

Also, this is David Fincher’s first film in three years–he has an eye for the stylistically grim thriller, so I’m personally anticipating his vision on this rife-with-plot-twists story. –GW

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3 thoughts on “The 25: Whitlock & Pope’s Most Anticipated Films of 2014 – #10-1

  1. The thing I’m most interested about for Guardians of the Galaxy is Rocket Raccoon. I’m not talking about the fact that he’s, you know, a Raccoon (with rockets, I assume). I’m talking about the fact that in the comics he has a cockney accent. So he’s a heavily armed outer space procyon… from the East End. But they cast Bradley Cooper. Cue internet outrage: he has to be a cockney! He has to! To which Cooper says… he might do the accent. Might. Bottom line: I really really want Cooper to try the accent. And fail. It would only add to the general insanity that is Guardians of the Galaxy.

    (Side issue; this movie reminds me of Flash Gordon, a movie that is and always will be better than Star Wars).

    • Flash! AAAAHHH! Savior of the Universe!

      Speaking of which: when looking for a precedent to Rocket’s possible lack of accent, Flash Gordon cast Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless, and look how well that…nevermind.

  2. Another thought: Interstellar will be a new entry in a venerable series of science fiction endevours, which you could call “Through the Wormhole and What We Found There”.

    In Event Horizon they found hell.
    In The Black Hole they found hell, again (thanks, Disney!)
    In Flash Gordon they found Ornella Muti.
    In Pacific Rim it was alien scientists building Godzilla knock-offs.
    No-one can remember what they found in Lost In Space. Spiders or something.
    And in Contact they found Jodie Foster’s dad.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to finding out what destination Christopher Nolan settled on. Could it be a triple whammy for “hell”? As long as it’s not Matthew McConaughey’s childhood dog or what have you, I’m happy.

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